VICTOR Cutting Torches and Accessories. Gas cutting and welding torches, also known as oxy-fuel torches or oxy-acetylene torches, use fuel gas and oxygen to heat and cut through metal workpieces. Cutting torches efficiently cut through thick steel and stainless steel and are well suited for demolition tasks. Rename jpg files onlineRare vintage 2 piece Victor cutting torch tools metal display sign emblem* Here is a rare true original 2 piece display sign representing the Victor Co. measuring roughly 7" to 8" long when put togethe r. T he V measures over 8" in heigh t. It appears that the metal used is black painted alum inum. Forney Medium Duty Oxygen Acetylene Deluxe Victor Type Torch Kit is perfect for welding, cutting and heating outfit. Portable product. Forney Medium Duty Oxygen Acetylene Deluxe Victor Type Torch Kit-1707 - The Home Depot Cutting Tips (36) American Torch Tip (7) CONCOA Cutting Tips (2) Cutting Tip Accessories (7) Harris Cutting Tips (4) OXWELD Cutting Tips (2) PUROX Cutting Tips (1) Smith Cutting Tips (8) Uniweld Cutting Tips (2) Victor Cutting Tips (8) New Equipment (101) New Cutting Torches (39) Flame Tech Cutting Torches (1) Smith Cutting Torches (23) Uniweld ... Aftermarket O-ring Set for Victor Cutting Attachments and welding tips that connect to 100, J-100, 100C, J-100C, 100FC, J28, and J50 welding handles. This o-ring set fits the following cutting attachment: CA1260, CA1350, CA250, and CA25. Victor's tradition of unparalleled safety, performance and reliability remains a cornerstone of the brand. Our products include: Cutting, heating and welding outfits. Handles, attachments, nozzles and tips. Straight and machine torches. Gas regulators and flow meters. Powder spray torches. Portable cutting machines. Angular material template freeBest 9mm ak pistol